Watch My NFT Webinar: I Discuss the Latest Updates on Key Legal & Business Issues (and Ongoing NFT-related Litigation)

I Lay Out the Overall Legal & Business Framework (& Key Issues) in the World of NFTs (and How Best to Develop an International Roll-out Strategy)

Sep 12, 2022

One week ago (on August 31st), I gave a webinar that laid out the current state of play on the core legal issues surrounding NFTs (reach out to me at to request a copy of the proprietary/exclusive deck I used). In my discussion, I lay out the key legal and business issues in this rapidly evolving and highly complex space. I also identify the major ongoing litigation related to NFTs (and the lessons to be learned from these pending lawsuits). Further, I discuss how to best develop an international roll-out strategy in a world of 200+ territories that play by different rules of the game. The speed at which things change is reflected by the fact that, in the past week, one of the major cases I identify - Miramax v. Tarantino (an infringement case focused on NFTs) - settled under confidential terms. Great for Quentin and the studio. Not so great for all others playing in the NFT space (like you) who were hoping for some clarity on the NFT IP ownership front.

Apart from the Tarantino case, and among other things, I discuss (1) Hermes v. Mason Rothschild (a critical case for all brands to follow and understand), (2) Yuga Labs v. Ryder Ripp (a fascinating case filed by the creator of Bored Apes), (3) Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records v. Damon Dash (another important NFT IP-related litigation that has settled - this time, with some guidance) and (4) Friel v. Dapper Labs (one of the most closely followed cases in the world of NFTs - where buyers of NBA Top Shot “Moments” (NFTs linked to video clips of highlights) sued the maker of those NFTs for selling unregulated securities). Another case I am following is Nike v. StockX, which is focused on trademark-related claims of likelihood of confusion and the so-called “first sale doctrine.” More on that one - and continuing updates on the others - in my next newsletters.

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